I know you have questions about naturopathic medicine.

From the moment I chose to practice this type of medicine, I’ve been asked questions. Questions from friends, family and acquaintances. Everyone has questions because most people find that they are rushed from a doctors office without having all or any of their questions answered. And many people find their doctor doesn’t know much, if anything, about integrative and functional medicine.

Let me help you.

Virtual consultations are available to you from anywhere and within the comfort and privacy of your own home. I’m available to chat with you by phone, video or email to discuss any of the questions you have about your health care and treatment options.

I am currently only offering virtual consultations. These consults should be seen as educational in nature and do not substitute in person treatment and diagnosis. Any recommendations should be reviewed by your medical team prior to implementation. It is my goal to give you answers to questions you have regarding functional medicine and your unique diagnosis, but it is your responsibility to determine if these recommendations are appropriate for you.

My whole person approach to health means I will take the time to learn about your history and your goals. Together we will create a plan that will guide you towards the health.

Basic Consultation

40 minutes

conducted virtually


A complete review of a single condition or concern. 

Comprehensive Consultation

75 minutes

conducted virtually


A complete review of 2-4 conditions or concerns.

Concierge Care Membership

conducted virtually

$75 per month

Billed Annually

A membership based program offering members concierge style care with unrestricted access to Dr. Gusmano

This annual membership includes:

  • 1 Comprehensive Consultation, annually

  • 3 Basic Consultations, annually, to monitor progress

  • Reduced pricing and early access to ongoing group programs

  • Unrestricted access to Dr. Gusmano to discuss your questions and concerns via phone, text or email

  • Access to the best in preventative care, naturopathic and functional medicine